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Motivational, judgement free coaching to help you take control of your money and build wealth.

Budgeting made simple, debt payoff made possible.
You have what it takes to be debt free. Let me show you how.

What is a Financial Coach?

Think personal trainer...but for your finances!

A financial coach helps you create better habits with your finances. We work together to develop a plan and implement strategies to reach your financial goals. A financial coach helps you discover what habits and behaviors are holding you back from success with money, then motivates and holds you accountable for making helpful changes.

If you’re struggling with a financial issue, I am ready to meet you where you are. 

What Kinds of Things Can A Financial Coach Help With?

Budgeting to Maximize Income
Budgeting During A Financial Crisis
 Improving Income
Decreasing Expenses
 Getting Out of Debt
Building an Emergency Fund
Saving for Retirement
Saving for College
Strategies for Attending College Without Loans
Paying of Mortgage Early
Building Wealth & Giving Generously
Leaving A Legacy for Your Family
 Deciding If You’re Ready to Buy A House
Dealing With Debt Collectors
Navigating Foreclosure
Avoiding Bankruptcy
 Improving Communication About Finances 
Identifying Unhealthy Spending Habits
Holding You Accountable for Your Financial Goals 

Hi, I'm Kendall!

Meet Your Coach!

I graduated from Messiah College in 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and a minor in Business Administration. I married my wonderful husband that fall, and moved to Central Pennsylvania. 

In 2016, after buying our first home, we realized that we were deeply in debt and that I could not consider a career change or stay home with future children as I had hoped. We decided to learn how to budget and got on a plan to pay off our debt and gain control of our finances. We paid off all of our consumer debts in the spring of 2017 and the freedom we felt was so incredible, it was too good not to share with others! At that point I was able to leave my job and turned my newly found passion for personal finance into a coaching business helping others achieve financial freedom. 

In addition to my Social Work background and personal experience of paying off over $53,000 in debt, I am a Certified Financial Social Worker,  and a graduate of the Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach Master Training program. I strongly believe that financial freedom is possible for everyone and I’m committed to helping you feel great about your money!

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Watch Financial Coach Kendall Berry share the story of her debt free journey and how she and her husband paid off $50,000 in debt!

Let's schedule a FREE consultation so that we can discuss which coaching package is perfect for you!

Financial audit

Perfect for you if you are looking for a one-time strategy session to review your financial goals, problem solve areas of concern, and create a plan for moving forward. Follow-up questions via email are included. Clients may schedule additional coaching sessions as needed.

Coaching Package

3, 6, and 9 month coaching packages for clients who would appreciate ongoing accountability. These packages include an initial session to review goals and areas of concern, the creation of a budget, and 1-2 coaching sessions or check-ins per month tailored to the client’s needs. Follow-up questions via email are included.  Additional sessions may be scheduled as needed. 

Financial Coach Mentoring

For new financial coaches who want to fast track their success, I offer mentoring sessions that will help build your confidence as you start your business. We will discuss proven strategies for obtaining clients, processes for conducting client sessions, how to price services, how to pay yourself right away and so much more click the link below for more info! 


"My husband and I had been struggling for years to create a solid budget and stick to it. Kendall walked us through the whole process and gave us tips to be successful! We are so excited for this debt free journey we are embarking on and so thankful to have Kendall walking alongside us!"

- E.P.



"I had an amazing coaching session with Kendall today! She has a very nonjudgmental but supportive approach when discussing your finances and goals. She was very prepared for our meeting and we were able to cover a lot in one session. She used many tools to illustrate how to implement some of the ideas we discussed. She even follows up with an email that includes a summary and your action steps. I highly recommend!"

- J.S.



"Kendall helped me map out my budget for the next several months, determine my financial goals and priorities for the next year, as I graduate from college and determine the next steps in my career. More than anything, Kendall taught me the importance of goal-setting; understanding the "why" behind my financial goals and how to take incremental steps to get there. Thank you for your encouragement, wisdom, kindness and for walking me through the numbers!"

- E.B.



"I had a coaching session with Kendall last week. She's incredibly generous, resourceful, encouraging and helpful. Altogether just a super beautiful human being! She celebrated our wins, helped brainstorm ideas to reach our goals, shared resources, and summarized everything we talked about in detail with next steps. If you're looking for a certified financial educator, I HIGHLY recommend her. She hoors her values with actionable moves (hence coaching geared to BIPOC), she loves what she does, and she's truly invested in people's success and growth."

- L.M.



"I had the pleasure of working with Kendall during a coaching session and she so much care for the client. Getting to know who I am, what my needs are and how I would like to obtain my goals showed the level of time she put into preparing for our meeting and assisting me. It's important to always find someone who's trustworthy and compassionate and I can say confidently that Kendall has these qualities."

- L.S.

What could you do if you didn't have debt?

Save for the future? Retire with dignity? Travel? The possibilities are endless! What are you waiting for? Let's get started!

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